I have been active in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) for about 15 years now. The SCA is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to recreating some aspects of Medieval and Renaissance life. (This is not a Renaissance Faire group).

In the SCA, I am known as 'A'isha bint Khalil al-Herati. Although I have an Arabic name and a Persian persona (character), I am also interested in late Medieval and Renaissance European music.

Because of this interest in European music, I sometimes participate in Arts and Sciences competitions. I have a few notes on writing documentation for Arts (music performance) competitions.

Many of us in the SCA are clothes-horses. I have put two galleries of photos of (some) of the historical clothing I have made.
The European Gallery
The Persian Gallery

I also have a short paper I wrote ten years ago about 16th century Persian women's clothing, as seen in Persian miniature paintings of the time.

I've put up an album of very very lousy drawings (which some day will be replaced with fabulous photographs) of how I think a common style of medieval Persian women's headdress was created.

A lot of what I do in the SCA involves reasearch: a lot of this has been in the area of the Medieval Middle East.

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